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CH Kimberee's Indigo Blue Aussie, Am/Can CDX, HS, JHDs, CGC, TT, VQW

"Indy" was, is and will always be our "heart and soul" 
at Silverado ACDs.  While temperament issues resulted in
Indy NOT being bred, she is none the less OFA, BAER normal and
CERFED annually.

Indy has had an illustrious career that at 10 plus years is 
still in full swing.  She is a multi Best of Breed winner,
and as well earned multiple placements in the obedience rings.
She was the ACDCA's #1 obedience ACD in 1992, and repeated that
ranking in Canada in 1993, where she won High in Trial at the
1993 Canadian National Specialty.

In her "golden years" Indy now looks to the herding arena
to fill her time, and just three months shy of her 11th birthday
has finished her AKC Herding Started title,
with a placement as well as a qualifying
run at the 1998 ACDCA Nationals to go with it.

Most of all, Indy has, through her notorious escapades, 
served as the comic relief for fellow cattle dog owners coast
 to coast over the years, a place in the spotlight
 she shares generously with whomever might be at 
the end of lead at the time!

Hail to the Queen!

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