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SILVERADO CONCEALIN MY SOURCES (Herding High in Trial Winner!)


HCh Rewuri Blue Bogong X Ch Kuawarri Red Red Wine, HS

Rake holds a very special place in the home and hearts
of Melissa and Thomas Hotter of York Haven, PA.
Missi served as "mid-wife" for Sage, and is
fondly referred to as "Godmother" to the entire litter!!
Rake (a/k/a "Perfect Rakie") is showing the herding
talents of his sire and dam is definately a hereditary
factor, and he is most decidedly evolved into a
"blue" version of his mother, much to the delight of
his proud and loving owners!  He shares the 
spotlight (and bed) with Maggie(ACD)and Rosie
(Schipperke)  and helps
Mags keep the sheep in order by day.
Soon to make his debut in the herding arenas, look
for Rake in the breed ring, the obedience ring,
and beyond!  The perfect dog in the 
perfect home - every breeder's dream come true!!

*****RAKE made us all very proud by going HIGH IN TRIAL
from Started Sheep at the ACDCA National Specialty in
Maryland, September 1999!

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